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  Model: COITE-24 CE Certified Quality

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Setter Capacity :
      Chicken eggs :5280
      Duck eggs : 3402
      Bird eggs : 13260
      Pigeon eggs :6720
      Goose eggs :1536
      Ostrich eggs :120

Mean Power : 950 W
Voltage: 110-240v
Power: 1200w
Temperature-control:Less than 0.1
Apprearance: Color structure of aluminum alloy plate Hemming
computer system: with latest technology
Temperature set range: 0-99.9°C 2500 eggs incubator
Materials: Aluminum, Stainless
energy: electricity,gas and coal
micro-computer controlled on temperature & humidity
Automatic egg turning, automatic alarm on temperature & humidity

1.Intelligent heating system :A water shortage alarm and temperature alarm system
2.Automatic egg turning system :The chain design automatic egg turning system improve the hatching rate of egg turning more uniform
3.Import sensor: Intelligent precise temperature and humidity sensor with high sensitivity accuracy
4.Unique circulating air duct :The ventilation system of scientific circulation and automatic egg tuning perfect collocation scientific incubator. 360 degrees without dead angle of air duct
5.good quality material :Aluminum alloy side stainless steel angle
6.Automatic control : Operation is simple and convenient to calculate accurately ,hatching rate is greatly increased saving artificial cost savings.

Weight : 220 KG
Size: 183*118*198 cm
Honeycomb carton package(9mm plywood with iron reinforcement)
MOQ:1 set
Inside package you can find: incubator and operation manual
Send by sea & air