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  YZ-36 Automatic Egg Incubator

Description Properties Advantages

Usage: Chicken, Duck, Quail, Goose
Egg Capacity: 36 Chicken eggs, 80 Quail eggs, 25 Duck eggs, 12 Goose, 12 Piegon
Special Feature: Automatic temperature control and Automatic Egg-Turning
LED efficient egg testing function

Weight: 4.3KG
Size: 53*48.5*17cm
Power: 60 W
Voltage: 110V/220V
Material: ABS

ABS material, more durable & environmental
LED efficient egg testing function
Digital controller with Touch screen button.easy to operate
Clamshell top cover,top cover is connected to bottom together,No gap between up lid and base
Automatic egg turning, Simulating original hen hatching method
Sliding egg tray holder, Non-resistance ice skate slide design,
Easy and efficiently to clean machine,sealed bottom without messy fall into inside.
Ring heater technology, achieve balanced temperature,Heating circulating system run from left to right thoroughly,realized omni-directional constant temperature
Multi-function egg tray with adjustable space for various eggs,,such as 36 chicken egg,80 quail egg,120 bird egg,25 duck egg,12 goose egg,56 pigeon egg.
Drawer style water tank,High efficiently control humdity.
Visible Customized foam protection, keeping better temperature & humidity
Safe concealed power outlet
Stainless steel screw
Adjustable egg turning time
Low power consumption,Less than 80W
Combined with hatcher and setter
No gap of hatching tray,Avoid Chickens feet are getting stock inside during hatching.
Built-in 2 fans inside,Uniform heat dissipation